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Find here the essentials for building a responsive website ready for the mobile wave that’s coming upon us. The future of your site will largely depend on its mobile performance soon.

Things to Consider Prior to Designing Websites for Mobile.

As there is an increased usage of mobile phones, it is important for all website owners in designing websites for mobile. The designing process may require different methods with those for regular browsers. There are abundant variations in browsers which can cause several problems in designing mobile websites because browsers have various features and ability which are not compatible with mobile operation systems. This is different with smartphones like Blackberry, Android or iPhone in which they already have well-designed web browsers.

There are basic rules of designing websites for mobile. The first and foremost thing is keeping the design simple. Let’s take a look at the mobile website of Hidden Valley. Not only it emphasises on bold colours, but it shows off only important elements of design with simple, yet informative contents in one page. Mobile users do not have to make too many scrolls because the navigation menu is very simple. It also avoids flash and Javascript. There are several mobile phones that do not support the use of both flash and Javascript.

The website designer should definitely adjust to common mobile screen sizes that range from: 

· 128 x 160 

· 176 x 220

· 240 x 320

· 320 x 480

By using those sizes, it is easier to go further in designing websites for mobile because mobile websites should also have banners with attractive images. It is applicable though mobile phone’s CSS before validating the page. This is important because most websites are shopping sites. Without eye-catching pictures, graphics and colourful fonts, then it is easier for mobile users to leave the page. However, it is important to notice that too many colours and pictures can make the mobile websites look cramped. If a website needs to show several details for mobile users, then a website designer should extend its homepage by adding folds that contain important information. 

The last but not least, designing websites for mobile requires a sense of promotional because online shopping websites need to reach as many mobile phone users as possible. The website has to use the same scheme of colours for the website that matches with the corporate logo. Not only it is very effective in branding, but it is also important for highlighting the featured products. It needs easy-to-follow section so that users can conveniently press the button for finding detailed information about the products and services offered. 

Though it sounds obvious, testing the website’s appearance on various mobile phones is a compulsory because this is the final step in designing websites for mobile. It is best to try different mobile phones in which designers should not only test the website on smartphones, but also to several kinds of mobile phones from various manufacturers. This is because each manufacturer has different screen sizes and compatibility with browsers. 

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